Sunday, August 2, 2009

# 9 Library Related Blogs and News Feeds

When working on number 9-Library Related blogs and News feeds,I found it a little boring.I did enjoy the Super Glu site.Pictures can make a big real difference when added to a blog.I enjoyed looking at the different news feeds,being that I am a news junkie.
I looked at Syndic8 and technorati and found these a little hard to understand.This site was not one of my favorites,but maybe I need to relook at it again sometime.One thing I do know is that it is amazing to have all this information available.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thing # 23

This feeling of finishing this project feels surreal and exciting! When I began on this journey,I had absolutely no idea of where it was going to take me. I now have lots more grey hair and have spent at least fifty hours working on 23 things.I will say I have learned so very much and I am actually very proud of myself that I have completed this task.This must be how a student feels in the classroom.I am ready to use these tools in my classroom.I now feel more up to speed in the technology world.
Some of the programs I loved were wiki,photo story, newsfeed and so much more!I now have been reading blogs and communicating with them.I started out with the feeling of truly "Lost in Technolgy",but the connotative meeting for me has changed I am truly lost in technology in the sense of now loving my computer, and all the great sites this has taught me to use.

Thing # 22 Nings

When I got on this site Ning for teachers,It felt like teacher meetings online.This is where all teachers can get on this site and collaborate.They are discussing many interests of topic that will help them in the classroom.On Ning there are people who shared their booklist with everyone.These are the books this teacher teaches in middleschool.They also shared ideas with people who are new in the teaching field.I wish they would have had this site fifteen years ago for me when I was green!
Ning allows tremendous teacher collaboration with the world around us!! Great STUFF. I will be back!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thing # 21-photo story

I thought photo story was really awesome. I put together some pictures of my moms birthday. I loved how this program allows you to write a story and put music to it. Using this program would be so awesome to use with my students. They are very reluctant readers and this would help them to take pictures of their interest and write a story book using their pictures! Kids enjoy looking and talking about photos of themselves or significant others. I am excited to use photo story with my students.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thing # 20

This was an amazing site.I fell in love with the teacher tube. I found a site where a teacher is explaining how to to write an introduction when beginning a paper.This would be good for all my students. This is just one thing that I found. The ideas and videos are endless.This will be something that I will use this year when designing curriculum for my kids.This will be another teaching tool to use with my students. The more variety the better.

Thing # 19 2.0 awards list

When researching on the 2.0 awards list,I really struggled to find a site that would be good for my field of teaching. Of course I loved the cooking website for myself, and I will definitely be spending some of my own time looking at this site.
For the dyslexia program, I enjoyed looking at the site On this site the student can create their own comic strips and add their own photos or photos from the web. The student then creates their own wording. They then have created a story through making a comic strip. This is awesome for kids who struggle with writing. They can create one comic strip and then feel successful about themselves, and write more and more!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thing # 18

After looking at and Google docs. I really liked google docs. better. I felt like google docs. was much more user friendly. I really liked the google reader. I enjoyed getting on and reading different headlines and comments made by viewers. The site that shows the different ways to develop resumes and to use their forms from google docs. was really interesting to look at. There is also a site that you can use to develop your own website. As you can tell I was able to look around google docs and get to know the site better. I wasn't crazy about having to sign up for Google docs. but whats another password.